Welcome to First Born
The Dragon Crost spent centuries compiling a large horde of almost all of the worlds magical items in one place. He loans out the items for the entirety of a person mortal life. All it costs is a journey to his cavern deep in the Dark Roads and the eternal servitude of their first born child, irregardless of age. After many years he as acquired almost as many children as treasures.
Their are three corps the children are allowed to join when they reach the age of ten.
1. The Archive corps: A corps stationed near the Crost’s resting area. Their they catalog and organize his vast treasure. They also transcribe books to be the appropriate size for a Dragon to read.
2. The Hex Corps: The Hex corps maintains the magical items and bestows hexes on the people taking out a lease. This hex allows the Archive to keep track of when items are to be acquired.
3. The Retrieval Corps: These are the children that are trained in combat until they turn 16 when they are then sent on missions in the outside world to retrieve the items when the lease is up. They are the only children that can go to the surface.

First Born

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