Aldine Empire

The Largest Political Body in the World


The vast land holdings from the barren desert of the empty planes to the Bast Mountains in the north.


The Brath Empire had always rubbed up the against and occasionally warred with neighboring Markeen Kingdom. This pseudo stalemate existed for years and ensured a moslty peaceful exisitance for both of these countries and their neighbors, the Elven Kingdom of Ellias south of Brath and the Saurian Dominion to Markeen’s north.
This all changed in 1565. When, seemingly out of nowhere, a woman of unparalleled magic and fighting ability appeared and rose through the ranks of the military hierarchy in the Brath Empire. Rumors even went as far to say she climbed the Barren Mountains and slayed a dragon. These stories earned her the name Dragon Knight. The Dragon Knight was also a skilled tactician and when she became General she declared war on Markeen in 1576. Gaust, the Markeen capital, was taken by 1580. With the combination of the these two kingdoms they became the Aldine Empire with the Dragon Knight, turned Dragon Empress.
But the war machine did not stop there. They first invaded Ellias to the south for supplying and assisting with the naval blockade in Markeen. They reached the Fein Forest and burned it to the ground. They brought a legion of fire Hexers and pushed through the entire country until it was ash. The Aldine Empire allowed for the survivors to live in the police state of the Ellan Colony. The rest fled to the rest of the world with many settling in the Froth Haven.
The God-King of the Suarian Dominion believed that the Aldineian’s were planing on invading. Slowly the paranoia set in that eventually led an insane God-King to declare war on Aldine by attacking Fort Cloven. The war raged for several years and at a stalemate the Aldine’s forged an alliance with Rakashans in Bastion, the mortal enemies of the saurians. This joint effort ended the war within two years. But the conflict wasn’t done. The Aldine soon turned its eye to to Bastion with the intent of completing Manifest Destiny on the Varen continent. But with the Bast mountains in the way and difficult icy terrain to mount an effective attack on the fighting has reached a stalemate.

Aldine Empire

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