The Frotic Alliance

A Coaliton of the Durmmor Realm, the Halion Kingdom, and the Avion Network


This alliance between the Dwarven lands of the Durmmor, the halfling lands of the Halion Kingdom and the Avion trade Network.


The alliance was created during the opening days of the Saurian war. It was created in response to the highly aggressive attitudes of the Aldine Empire. It was created as an economic powerhouse to protect the three nations form the Aldine Empire if their blood thirsty eyes ever moved west. This union decrees that if any of the three nations were attacked the Dwarves would provide an army, the Avions would provide tech and the halflings would handle food and logistics. The Dwarves and the halflings take this union very seriously but it is common knowledge that the avions couldn’t care less about those two, they just want to use their warbots. The Avion trade network also provides support to the Bastion forces.

The Frotic Alliance

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